3 Ways to Make a Good First Impression using Social Media

social media marketing Feb 17, 2019

How long do you think it takes to make a first impression?

If you answered 5 minutes you’re wrong.  The first seven seconds in which you meet somebody, according to science, is when you'll make a "first impression."
Actually you have to act very quickly in order to make a proper first impression even using social media.

The know, like, and trust factor is critical in building your brand using social media. It’s also a great way to establish connections with prospective customers and spread brand influence. But as the old saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, especially on social media.

People on social media have very short attention spans but very long memories, so first impressions are important. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you avoid common mistakes and make a killer first impression on social media:

1. It’s Social Media, Not Sales Media
This may seem obvious from the name but the true purpose of social media is...

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How Committed Are You? 3 Tips to Help You with Your Commitment Level

goal setting Feb 09, 2019

A high level of commitment is what is required to achieve any major goals in your life.  Loyalty, dedication, faithfulness, reliability and devotedness are just a few of the words that we could use to describe commitment.  Commitment is simply a dedication of self to an activity or cause. 

The question is how bad do you want it??? Are you willing to take Eric Thomas’ advice in the video??? These are two questions to really ponder! 

It is so easy to commit when everything is going well, but what are you going to do when it is not going well?

As you go about this month, think about what you’re committed to and consider the areas in which you would like to see improvement. Here are three easy tips that you can apply today  to help you with your commitment level. 

Tip 1

One tip is to have a clear plan in mind before you make your commitment. You have to know where you are before you know where you are going. Write it down so that you are able to...

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3 Tips on How Not to Let Setbacks Sabotage Your Goals

goal setting Jan 30, 2019

How do you feel after experiencing a setback? 

How do you move forward after a setback? 


Whatever you don't let setbacks sabotage your goals! Use these three tips that will propel you forward!

1. Put It In Perspective 

You are not the first to have fallen short of your goal, or been disappointed with an outcome, and you won't be the last! Don't give up on your dreams because of a letdown. Rather, realize that setbacks are a necessary part of moving towards success.

2. Evaluate

Figure out what it is that you need to  take away from the situation. There are probably certain things you could have done differently or would never want to do the same way again. Figure out what those things are, write them down, read them to yourself every day, and mentally look out for them as you move ahead.

3. Do Something Differently

Ask yourself do you want to try again to achieve the same goal?  Or maybe you want to achieve something totally different the next...

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There can be a Down Side to New Years Resolutions

goal setting Jan 19, 2019

So now that the ball has dropped and we are 16 days into the New Year we should have really been thinking about ways we can improve ourselves in 2019.  

Maybe in 2019, you want to exercise more, cut back on sugar, save money, or spend more time with friends. (Or perhaps these are things you vowed to do in 2018 and are taking another stab at them.)

But if your resolutions aren’t resulting in meaningful change, chances are, you’re doing the whole resolution thing wrong.

Many New Year’s resolutions fail because people are often unrealistic in their expectations. 

Many people expect to change habits immediately that they have taken years to develop and without any type of practical strategy in place to make them successful.” Many of them also expect instant results and get discouraged when they don’t see a change right away. 

If you want to lose weight and have been working out and eating healthy for a week but have not seen any results, you...

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Getting Ready for 2019: The Earlier the Better

goal setting Dec 13, 2018

Whether you like it or not....

Whether you are ready or not....

2019 is right around the corner!

Time is of essence to make sure that you are prepared for the coming year.  Now is the perfect time to chart out your path and get your plans in place to ensure next year is a success. I would like to share a few goal setting tips with you:

  • Write your goals downs and review them periodically
  • Create goals for different areas of your life
  • Set goals that are realistic and attainable 
  • Reward yourself when you achieve your goals

If you would like a FREE copy of my SMART GOAL worksheets click the link below:

The Ultimate SMART GOAL Worksheets


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