About Me


Hi I'm Opal of O! Beauty Branding and I love, love, love! Oh did I say I love helping hairstylists? Having been in the Beauty Industry for over 30 years I remember the day that I started just like it was yesterday!

I remember being scared about where I should work, I remember being scared to hold the shampoo nozzle, I remember being scared about messing up someone's hair! I remember being scared about just about everything!!!

I guess that's why I am soooo passionate about helping YOU! I don't want you feel the same way.  That is why I started this business to inspire, empower, and motivate you sooo that you don't feel the same way! This way you increase your income faster than I did!!!

Education has always been important to me that's why I continued my education and got a degree in Business as well as an Executive MBA in Business!!! You see in this industry Beauty & Business go hand in hand. 

Soooo join me in helping you create the Beauty Business of your DREAMS!

-Opal Clark


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